Reasons for food & beverage automation

Today's step of the global food fundamental transformation is its automation with the help of collaborative robots. Cobots help innovate the food & beverage industry production. Consumer concerns about health, labor crisis and supply chain disruptions create a high need for automation in the food and beverage industry.


DOBOT's role in global production

Considering how fragile the global supply chain has become recently, DOBOT collaborative robots can protect SMEs and businesses from warehouse shortages, constant changes in consumer preferences, and ecosystem disruptions.


Collaborative robots innovate food & beverage 

DOBOT robotic arms ensure the accurate manufacturing process in food and beverage automation. They increase the quality while maintaining the production speed. Our automated solutions help resolve the labor crisis and handle logistics breakdowns.

Solution to Pain Points


Collaborative robots being affordable hit the food manufacturing trends as the cost barrier lowers. They do not require an industrial level of expertise, making them more cost-efficient than industrial robots.

DOBOT cobots enable saving costs for multiple small and medium enterprises and optimize manufacturing.



Improve Performance

DOBOT robotic arms, equipped with multiple accessories, such as gripping devices, robotic vision technologies, and sensors, assist human operators with precise technical skills, affecting performance. A rich accessory ecosystem enables handling various shaped objects.

Collaborative robots enhance efficiency and expand the innovation horizon in food production lines with DOBOT.



Simple and Fast Operation

Cobots’ simple programming enables a fast manufacturing process. DOBOT’s intuitive software provides in-depth knowledge, increasing the speed of operations.

Humans perform overwhelming tasks in food production that might lead to a high-stress level. It results in slow manufacturing processes. In the long run, cobots outperform humans in maintaining fast operations.

Manufacturers gain competitiveness through simple programming and fast speed, establishing a high return on investment.



Select the Robotic Solution for Your Industry

One step from industrial choice to a perfect cobots' variation. DOBOT robotic arms help respond to manufacturing needs by reacting to rapid market changes in your industry.


Flexible solution to various industrial pain points


Accurate & precise in industrial production


Adaptable to rapidly evolving environment


An intelligent interactive panel and compact design